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Do’s and Don’t if you are in a Personal Injury Lawsuit in New York City Do Hire a Top Injury Lawyer


While no one looks forward to being involved in a personal injury lawsuit, keeping in mind some simple do’s and don’ts should help to make your case as simple as possible.

* DO keep all appointments regarding your case, especially those with your lawyer and your doctor(s).

* DON’T keep any information about your injuries from either your lawyer or your doctor, even if you think this information is obvious.

* DO keep accurate records about your expenses (especially about your prescriptions), any time you miss from work, and all other expenses related to your case. Receipts are helpful.

* DON’T forget that the defendant’s insurance company is on the other side of your case. It does not represent you and it does not have your best interests in mind.

* DO maintain contact with your lawyer, ask about anything you do not understand, and communicate your thoughts and concerns. Remember that your lawyer’s paralegal can answer many questions.

* DON’T listen to legal advice from friends, family, and other amateurs. You hired your lawyer because he or she is the expert.

* DON’T discuss your case with strangers.

* DO keep a positive attitude.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates, with convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area, including Manhattan, can provide you advice relative to your legal rights. Without an attorney, you may not be protecting you and your loved ones or know all your rights.

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