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Driver suffers only minor injury despite serious car accident on Long Island in Brentwood, New York opines a New york Injury Lawyer


A car accident happened on December fifteenth, 2008. The accident took place in Brentwood, New York.

The accident took place late Saturday night at about 10:30 p.m. Jose Ramos Ortez, 30, was driving his vehicle late on Merrill Street in Brentwood when his vehicle allegedly crashed into another car. After, Ortez’s car hit three parked cars and a fire hydrant. Ramos was very lucky to escape any serious injury. Moreover, he is extremely fortunate that to date, there are no claims that anyone else suffered a serious injury as a result of the car accident.

Ortez received was arressted and was charged criminally for driving while intoxicated. A nearby street was flooded after his car hit four other vehicles and a fire hydrant. Ortez should have been in court on December fourteenth, but information is not yet obtainable. The driver of the first car hit suffered minor injuries.

Any person who suffered from an injury should obtain the help of a New York Injury Lawyer. It seems as though the cause of the accident was intoxication of Jose Ramos Ortez. A good New York Injury Lawyer may be able to protect your rights as well collect money for any your injury you maybe suffering from.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates with its injury lawyers, has convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area including Brentwood,

Suffolk County, Long Island . Our attorneys can provide you with personal injury advice relative to any accident or injury you maybe suffering from as aresult of someone else’s negligence. Without an injury attorney you may not know all your rights and may not be properly protecting yourself and your loved ones.

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