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Drunk driver allegedly crashed into police car, said NY City Injury Lawyers


A 36-year old man allegedly crashed into a police car while pulling out of a local bar, according to NY City Injury Lawyers.

The man allegedly pulled out of the bar parking lot and crashed hard enough into the 23-year-old police officer’s car that both cars spun out of control and into the opposite side of the street.

Neither man was injured in the crash but both were taken to the hospital for brief observation, explained New York Injury Lawyers.

The 36-year-old man was arrested later and will face charges of driving under the influence as well as causing significant property damage to both the police officer’s car and road signs where they crashed.

The front right side of the man’s car hit the driver’s side door of the police car before the cars began spinning out of control.

Immediately following the accident, the accused man allegedly refused a Breathalyzer test as well as a field sobriety test but reports speculate his blood alcohol level was tested that night, which led to the DWI charges.

According to police records, this is the first time the man has been involved in an alcohol-related incident. His family was unavailable for comment.

The police officer involved has only recently started his career on the force and was just doing his rounds that night when the accident occurred. He was driving north in the median of the road when he was unexpectedly hit. Paramedics said he was lucky to have escaped injury. The officer was unavailable for comment.

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