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Drunk woman crashes car into house


Watching television seems like a relatively safe way to pass the time but even that can have its unexpected consequences. One minute you are laughing at a one liner and the next minute you could be hit with flying debris from the car that just crashed into your living room. Such was the case when a Boston woman who had been drinking allegedly smashed her car into the side of a neighborhood home. 

The woman behind the wheel of the vehicle, explained the Manhattan Injury Lawyer, had apparently exceeded the legal limit for alcohol in her bloodstream and was seen by witnesses before the crash as driving erratically. Apparently she lost control of her car, popped the curb and careened her Lincoln sedan straight through the wall of a residence, causing shock, surprise and a few minor injuries to the resident who happened to be sitting there. 

Reports obtained by the New York Injury Lawyer said that the driver of the vehicle was taken to the hospital for non-life threatening injuries and released shortly thereafter, and she has now been charged with DWI, operating a motor vehicle to endanger and violation of marked lanes. 

The injuries could have been much worse resulting in hospitalization and even death. In this instance, both the driver of the vehicle and the resident of the home that was trashed were both very lucky that no one was seriously hurt. 

If you have been hurt or maimed in an accident, you do have rights.

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