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DUI manslaughter charge


A passenger was killed in October when the driver met into an accident while driving drunk. A police officer told the authorities that the woman was only twenty years old and she decided to drive while intoxicated, which was not a wise decision to make. Her blood alcohol level was way over the limit as she drove her car on Highway 98 in Destin, Florida. Her car hit a utility pole according to what the news media told the police.

She had a passenger in the car and that passenger was a young lady who was only twenty two years old. The passenger died on the scene. The twenty year old drunken driver, stated the source, was arrested three months later for this incident.

According to reports by the Police, both passenger and driver were going east on the highway over the speed limit and suddenly the car ran off the road into a utility pole. This happened at about four thirty in the morning close to where the passenger and driver lived. New York City and Long Island deal with these types of accidents very swiftly and with little tolerance for the drunk driver.

A warrant was issued for the driver’s arrest, the Police told the newspaper. The driver gave information to the Police that she had three shots of liquor at midnight and that she had gone to a nearby bar and salon. She got paranoid that a white car was following her on the highway. It was when she looked back that her eyes came off the road and the car accident occurred.

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