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Elder Woman Dies; Man Drives Drunk, says NY Injury Lawyer


Braintree is a tiny town in the middle of nowhere that many haven’t heard of, but it has been active lately.

A ninety four year old woman died there, the victim of an unfortunate accident. She was driving her car and though the story normally ends with the elder driving being responsible this time that is not the case, says a New York Injury Lawyer. A misguided and unthinking woman in the other improperly controlled her car, veering into the older woman’s lane and causing the old woman’s car to flip. Yes, she was ninety four but that is no excuse for her life being cut short, notes a New York Car Accident Lawyer. Every minute we have is precious and no one has the right to take one second from us, even if we’re already old.

In an unrelated story, a man has been charged with drunk driving, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. A stupid, selfish, oaf of a man thought he was better than everyone else who obeys the drinking and driving laws. He thought he could do what we can’t and now he’s in jail because of it, says a New York Injury Lawyer. It is a wonder he didn’t hurt anybody with his unthinking and arrogant actions. His crazed behavior saw him blow through two red lights and finally slam his car into a curb, hard enough that the car was damaged and people called the cops, notes a New York Car Accident Lawyer. He has been placed in jail for his stupidity.

If you have been the victim of a car accident or drunk driver, contact a New York Injury Attorney today.

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