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Elderly Man Killed During Head-On Collision


An 81-year old man was killed in a car accidentwith another vehicle. The man swerved into on-coming traffic and hit another vehicle. It is unclear at this time why the man moved into the wrong lane. Further investigation will be needed to determine if the man had suffered a medical emergency or was not paying attention to the road while driving.

The passengers in the other vehicle were taken to the hospital, but did not suffer any serious injuries. While the driver of the vehicle had been drinking before driving, alcohol did not play any role in the accident. It is unknown the extent of the injuries the driver and passenger have suffered or why they will be released from the hospital.

The vehicles were traveling in opposite directions at the time of the accident. A Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer points out that bad weather or slick road conditions were not factors. The extent of damage to both vehicles is unknown. Police officials may have to examine the vehicles to determine the exact cause of the accident. So far, no charges have been filed against the deceased or the driver of the vehicle. In some cases when accidents like this occur no one is held responsible.

Police officials will have to examine several factors such as the man’s age, his ability to drive, road conditions the night of the accident and whether the man was taking any medication which could have caused disorientation or drowsiness. So far, investigators have shared little information with the media. It will be after an extensive investigation will police make any comments that could provide additional details about the accident to the public, claims a New York Injury Lawyer.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident. It is unknown when the funeral for the man will be held. He was pronounced dead after being transported to the hospital. The injuries to those in the other vehicle were not life threatening, but may require additional out-patient care such as physical therapy depending on the types of injuries suffered and the length of time it will take to heal.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another party, it is important to take prompt action and speak to legal counsel. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries that can include reimbursement for medical expenses and lost income from work. There are strict time deadlines involved however, which is called the statute of limitations. Failure to meet these filing deadlines can effect your right to file a claim, so dont delay.

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