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Envoy’s Daughter Killed in Fall, Reports New York Injury Lawyer


The 17-year-old daughter of the US ambassador to Thailand was killed when she fell from a mid-city luxury highrise, sources reported to a New York Injury Lawyer. She fell from a 25th story window of Herald Square Towers on West 34th Street to land upon the third floor overhang, police sources told a New York Injury Lawyer. The young woman was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police arrested a man who is facing charges of endangering the welfare of a minor. The relationship of this man to the young woman is not clear, at this point.

New York Injury Lawyers believe the young woman was at a party in the 25th floor apartment when she fell at around 4:15 in the morning. “They’d been drinking,” said the building engineer, who saw the partiers walking through the lobby fifteen to twenty minutes earlier. “They’d invited some other people back from a club.”

The circumstances leading to the tragedy are still under investigation, but New York Personal Injury Lawyers were told she might have been just leaning out of the window for some fresh air when she lost her balance and fell. A 25-year-old man was identified as the host of the party and arrested for supplying alcohol to minors.

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