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Everyone Should Know the Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

Common symptoms of lead poisoning in children are decreased appetite, stomachaches, sleeplessness, learning problems, constipation, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness, lowered IQ, and anemia.

If you live or work in a home or building constructed prior to 1978 or if you feel you may have been exposed to lead, you should have a simple blood test performed by a medical doctor. If it turns out that you have been exposed to lead, the main treatment for lead poisoning is to stop the exposure, but there are also medications available that will lower the lead levels in the blood.

Also you should test other family member especially children to see if they have been exposed as well. If someone has been exposed, seek immediate medical treatment and contact our office so that we can have experts come to the site and perform testing to prove where the exposure occured.

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