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Ex-Wife Ran over by New Wife in Alabama


A local ball park in Alabama was the stage for a grisly scene that was witnessed by more than seventy, including many young children. A woman ran over her husband’s ex-wife and daughter – not once, but three times.

According to police, the 43-year-old woman is charged with two counts of attempted murder and one count of reckless endangerment. She is currently released on bond. A New York Injury Lawyer says that it is possible the woman will have additional civil charges brought against her.

Apparently, after a little league game, the two women got into an argument. The cause of their altercation is said to have been rooted in a child custody disagreement. According to a NYC Injury Lawyer, as the situation escalated, the current wife became violent and used the biggest weapon she could find – her car.

Authorities were called, and when the chief arrived at the city park in response to the emergency, he saw a large crowd forming around the attacker’s car. Supposing that the crowd was at the crime scene, he approached and after getting eye-witness reports, the chief ascertained that the accused woman did indeed use her vehicle as a violent means to end the argument. She, apparently, first ran over the daughter, pinning her against the car. She then backed up and ran over the mother. She backed up again and ran over her again. The woman attacked multiple times when after the first one, the victim was in no shape to retaliate.

According to reports from the victims’ family, the mother had to have surgery for a broken leg, a spinal injury, and a broken pelvis the next morning. Her recovery is sure to be a long process. Thankfully, the child suffered minor injuries to her leg but is otherwise physically fine.

Any psychological or mental trauma apparent in the child hit and the young witnesses is unknown at this time. Speculation will reveal that some children are probably in need of psychological help.

There has also been no word on the victim’s ex-husband. His location at the time of the incident has not yet been provided.

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