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Falling Rains and Walls Cause Injuries in April 2011


Near the end of last month, a 38-year-old engineer died of a spinal injury when a part of the Freedom Park wall collapsed on his car he had been sitting in while talking on his cell phone. He leaves behind a wife and a 2-year-old daughter.

The mechanical engineer by training was one of the partners in a firm he and his childhood friend started seven years previously – SP Engineers and Contractors. His friend and business partner call the incident “an unbearable loss.” He’s lost a friend he had had for more than two decades.

The engineer was meeting his friends and had been looking for a parking spot; because of the rain, the task was more difficult than normal. He had been on his way to meet his business partner and two other friends as he did almost every day. When he didn’t show, his partner tried to call him, but didn’t get an answer. When they heard the wall had fallen, all three who were to meet him rushed to the scene and found him in his car crushed under the debris.

A New York Injury Attorney recalled the tragic incident and explains that it may be possible in such cases for the victim’s family to claim compensation of some type “from the parties who built the wall if it can be proven that negligence or shoddy craftsmanship was the cause of the collapse.”

The NY Injury Attorney said that it was still unclear if the rain led to the wall collapse.

On SJP Road, the rain downed electrical wires causing a 28-year-old IT professional to be killed by electrocution in the City that same weekend. The young man came in contact with a live wire which had fallen on the ground during the torrential rain. It is expected that he was crossing the road, wading through a puddle of water when he probably slipped and his hand touched one of the high voltage wires, his cousin reported. The post-graduate in mathematics, also had an MCA degree and leaves behind his parents and two younger siblings.

Similar places in The Bronx and Brooklyn are taking note.

When you are injured, consult with a New York Injury Attorney to see if compensation is available for you.

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