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Family Claims Trauma Caused by Sight of Orca Killing a Trainer, NY City Injury Lawyer Says


A New Hampshire family has filed a suit against SeaWorld, on behalf of a 10-year-old boy who watched an orca attack and drown a trainer.

The boy’s parents took their son to Florida in February to celebrate his 10th birthday, New York Injury Lawyers have learned. According to the parents, their son looked straight into the trainer’s eyes as she briefly freed herself and attempted to swim away. The complaint says he “saw the look of horror and desperation on [the trainer’s] face as she was swimming for her life.”

Nightmares have plagued the boy ever since, the family told a New York Injury Lawyer. He became hysterical as he saw the trainer dragged around the tank. “He never cried much before. Now he’s angry all the time. And he’s not eating. The school’s had some counseling for him,” said the boy’s mother.

The parents filed a negligence lawsuit, the day after the Labor Department reprimanded SeaWorld for regularly putting the trainer in mortal danger – the orca had already killed twice before, New York Injury Lawyers have learned.

It is rumored that the trainer’s widower is planning a wrongful death suit. SeaWorld will not offer comment on any impending litigation.

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