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Family of Asthma Victim Sues Eatery, New York City Injury Lawyer


The family of a pregnant woman who died of an asthma attack has filed a suit against the city, claiming she might have been saved if the ambulance had been better equipped, a New York Injury Lawyer has learned. Prosecutors in Brooklyn have already been looking into accusations that two city medics ignored pleas to help the woman as she struggled for breath.

An ambulance arrived from Long Island College Hospital, with only the basic life-support crew. There was no medication to revive the woman, nor was there equipment to intubate her, according to the suit. “It was a matter of life and death,” an attorney for the family told a New York Injury Lawyer.

“The combination of wrongful acts, in failing to act when the victim was in acute medical distress and the ambulance dispatched without the proper medication and equipment caused this death,” the attorney went on to say. By the time a second ambulance arrived, this time properly equipped, the victim had already been without oxygen for too long, the attorney told a New York Injury Lawyer.

The suit seeks damages from the city, the FDNY, the hospital, and one of the medics accused of ignoring the victim’s distress. The second medic, boyfriend to the first medic, was also accused of doing nothing but was shot dead outside a Manhattan nightclub in July of 2010.

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