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Family of Slain Woman May Get Policy Benefits


The mother of a confessed killer being sued for the crime may be able to use her homeowners insurance policy to pay for damages, a New York Injury Lawyer has learned. The plaintiffs are the family of the murdered woman. Should the defendant lose, her homeowner policies may pay up to $550,000 of the settlement according to the ruling by a Supreme Court justice.

The 66-year-old defendant is being sued by the family of a Glen Cove woman who was killed and dismembered by the defendant’s son in August 2006. Should she lose the suit, her homeowners insurance policy will kick in, since the killing took place in her home, her attorney told a New York Injury Lawyer. They will pay damages to the victim’s family up to $250,000.

If the damages are higher than that, the company that covers the defendant’s excess homeowner’s insurance will pay an additional $300,000, the judge ruled. The company believes it should not be responsible, since the defendant did not notify the company of the lawsuit at first.

The killer of the woman is serving a sentence of 30 years to life in prison. The family of the victim argued that the murderer’s mother either knew or should have known her son was dangerous. The defendant’s attorney has told a New York Injury Lawyer that the suit is still pending.

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