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Family Tells Story of Grandmother Given False Cancer Diagnosis


A Long Island grandmother was given a diagnosis that predicted she had only months to live. That was two years ago, sources tell a New York Injury Lawyer. As it turns out, a second opinion gave her an entirely different story.

The 85-year-old grandmother, who once lived in Patchogue, is in the process of building her case for an injury lawsuit for medical malpractice against Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in Bayshore. If she is successful, the hospital will have to pay millions in damages, sources tell a New York Injury Lawyer.

The daughter of the 85-year-old woman told a New York Injury Lawyer that no one should have to suffer as her family suffered. They had merely brought her there for a stomach ache in November 2008.

“They told us that she had double cancer,” the woman’s daughter told a New York Injury Lawyer. “Stomach and lung cancer.” The grandmother was given only two months to live, and set up to have in-home hospice care, and put on morphine. She became addicted to the drugs and her husband abandoned her once she started hallucinating.

“She lost her memories, she lost everything,” said the woman’s daughter. Almost two years passed before another hospital tested the woman only to find she didn’t have cancer at all.

The family is overjoyed that their loved one is not suffering from cancer and now out of her death-bed, but they are appalled by such a mistake. Brookhaven Memorial Hospital had no comment on the matter.

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