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Fatal Bus Crash on NJ Turnpike Has Officials Alert


The driver of the bus that flipped over in the Bronx, last Saturday was interviewed by federal investigators Tuesday, a New York Injury Lawyer was told. It was the first chance that officials had since the crash that left 15 of its passengers dead and 17 others injured.

Federal investigators made use of the 3-hour interview with the bus driver, and were very anxious to learn just how much rest the driver had before the trip to Connecticut, as well as the six-hours that he was there as he waited on his passengers to gamble. They want to know just how much of a role, if any, that fatigue played in contributing to the accident. Investigators have been hearing reports from witnesses and survivors since the accident of the bus having drifted off the traveled portion of the roadway onto the shoulder multiple times.

The bus driver has been including in his statements since the auto accidentthat a passing tractor-trailer had clipped the bus, which caused him to lose control of the bus thereby causing the crash. Investigators have had the opportunity to investigate both the trailer of the truck and have interviewed the truck driver. The truck driver is being treated as a witness and not as a suspect.

New Jersey investigators are trying to determine the cause of another fatal bus crash that occurred on the New Jersey turnpike on Monday night. This crash killed the bus driver and one passenger. The bus driver that was thrown through the windshield was not wearing a seat belt.

Many of the bus’ passengers were obviously frightened, and the thoughts of the Bronx bus crash was in their minds, while there were a few who thought the buses tires had blown as the cause of the crash, according to a Bronx Personal Injury Lawyer.

The company that owns the bus involved in this crash has a history of issues regarding the safety of its buses and the driver’s qualifications.Calls to the bus company for comment were not immediately returned.

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