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Fatal Crane Crash the Result of Greed Reports New York Injury Lawyers


The propriator of a crane company said not guilty in the manslaughter charges that were brought up in connection with a fatal accident. A New York Injury Lawyer says the indictment was the result of a fatal collapse of a crane in May of 2008. The crane company allegedly replaced the crane’s broken turntable with a cheaper and less reliable turntable.

A New York Injury Lawyer reports that a crack in the turntable is listed as the reason for a crane falling 200 feet. The operator of the crane and another construction worker died in the incident. The DA in Manhattan said that greed and recklessness were the causes which led to the tragic and unnecessary death of two men”.

All of the defendants in this case enter a plea if not guilty before a Supreme Court Judge. One of the men was released without bail but another received a $100,000 bail that must be posted within a week.

New York Injury Lawyers report that the men insist that nothing they did was to cut corners or knew that the part was not up to par. The crane company is said to have made a bad business decision and profited by replacing the turntable with a cheaper model. However, three building inspectors checked the new turntable visually and signed off on it, as did four independent inspectors.

The Manhattan D.A’s office has charged the company’s owner with manslaughter and has accused another company of employing damaged slings on a crane, which collapsed and killed seven people.

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