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Fatal Pedestrian Accident Caused by Drunk Driver


A pedestrian was fatally hit by a drunken driver on Route 35 earlier in the month. One New York Injury Lawyer says a strong case exists as the driver left the scene, though he later returned and stated that a pedestrian had been hit.

At around 1:35 A.M. the California Highway Patrol and Pacifica police department responded to a call. The report stated that someone called in to report a possibly deceased pedestrian that had been hit on the Sharp Park Road and Route 35. A New York Injury Lawyer reflects on the fact that a resident of Leopoldo Tobilla showed up shortly after the police to say he was driving and hit the pedestrian. The resident was immediately arrested and was found to be intoxicated. His DUI arrest was for DUI resulting in fatal injury and leaving the scene of an accident.

It will be interesting to see how the charges will play out since the man seemingly turned himself in. The arrested is being held at San Mateo County jail in Redwood City. He is currently charged with vehicular manslaughter, leaving the scene of a vehicle collision resulting in fatal injury, and driving while intoxicated. The suspect was arrested on scene after he returned explaining to officers that he had hit someone walking on the roadway. Any witnesses to the accident are asked to contact the local police to explain what happened. Though the pedestrian was declared dead on the scene it has not been released whether death was immediate upon impact. The accused is a fifty seven year old male and the level of his intoxication has not been released to news sources.

Information about where the suspect had been, what he had been drinking, his alcohol levels, and why he left or returned has not been released. It can be assumed that the driver felt some remorse in order to return to the scene and turn himself into the police. The information is not clear on how prosecutors are choosing to proceed in this case or whether all charges will be pursued.

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