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Father’s Intentions Questioned While He Wishes to See His Son


These twins have had a rough life and for one that life has unexpectedly ended, the other scarred by chemical burns is still hospitalized. Twins, a boy and girl, who were placed in a foster home at the age of two suffered at the hands of their adoptive parents as evidenced by the death of the young girl and the chemical burns found the young boy. How could this young pair have had so much bad luck, questions one New York Injury Lawyer?

The ten year old twins were placed into foster care at such a young age because the mother and father had lost parental rights at separate times. The mother lost her rights very early on for alleged prostitution, abuse, and drug use. She was said to have used cocaine and opium. The Father similarly lost his rights because he had a criminal past that included the molestation of a child. Though the father says he did everything that was ask of him by the state, the state removed his children anyway. This is not unusual in such cases and that the foster home was then allowed to adopt the twins. The twins did have relatives at the time that were willing to raise the children, but the twins were instead turned over to the foster home.

Since that time the young girl has been found dead, wrapped in a plastic bag inside of a pest control truck. The girl’s adoptive father is being held as a suspect in the girl’s death. The brother, her twin, was found inside of a truck seizing and covered in chemical burns. The biological father, though he has not been allowed contact with his children since a very young age, wishes to see his son. He wishes to express his love and hopes his son will be placed with relatives so that he may begin healing following his release from the hospital.

The foster parents were observed by social services as all foster homes are supposed to be observed and though initially reports documented a clean, safe environment, other reports paint a much different story. Reports later released to a Staten Island Personal Injury Lawyer showed several incidents in which teachers had complained of the girl being dirty, bruised, and hungry. Reports from the Division of Family Services also showed that though the twins’ mother was once listed as deceased, her whereabouts were also listed as unknown.

The biological father states that he just wants to be a part of his son’s life. He states that the past does not matter. This fisherman by trade lives in a small apartment and hopes that his relatives will take custody and care of his son. He simply wants to be with his son during this healing process. No one has yet determined what will happen with the boy or whether his biological father will be able to see him, though it is certain that the child will not be returned to the adoptive family who has also lost custody of their other two adopted children.

This child needs legal counsel to fight for his cause. He, along with anyone who has suffered unnecessarily at the hands of another can contact Stephen Bilkis and Associates to receive the much needed help, support, and legal advice that is needed. Whether you have suffered from a broken bone, a back injury, or loss of sight, it is important to speak with us to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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