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Federal Government Sues Ophthalmologist for Fraud


A Baltimore doctor is being accused by the federal government for fraudulently billing the government for several thousands of dollars, a New York Injury Attorney learned. The government alleges that between 2002 and 209 the doctor performed multiple laser eye surgeries that were medically unnecessary and then billed Medicare and Medicaid by falsifying the documentation.

Unfortunately, the fraud is not victimless; sources told the New York Injury Lawyer. The accused doctor allegedly performed multiple Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty, or ALT, procedures on one female patient, which reportedly led to blindness in her right eye. According to sources, the woman should have been received a completely different procedure from a different medical professional.

The Ophthalmologist is not the only Baltimore area doctor that is facing multiple lawsuits, claims a New York Injury Firm. Although the federal government has yet to file a lawsuit against the other doctor, he faces scores of lawsuits, and his medical license is currently under review with the potential of losing it altogether. This doctor is accused of placing medically unnecessary stents into patients. The hospital the doctor used to practice is being forced to repay a portion of a medical settlement for its part in billing for the doctor’s procedures. It is currently not available as to how the repayment of more than $22 million is divided between the doctor and the hospital. There is also a second Maryland doctor who has been charged with placing unnecessary stents into patients. Reports say that his trial is in July.

As part of the government’s policy, they are seeking damages for the overbilled amounts. They are seeking triple the amount of the original billed amount, plus potential penalties of $11,000 per false claim. There are also other unspecified items that the government can seek to recover as well.

The particular laser procedure the doctor is alleged to have performed unnecessarily on his patients is only intended to be used on certain patients that have certain diagnoses, and is not supposed to be used more than twice on the same patient. The lawsuit alleges that the Ophthalmologist performed the procedure on the same patient more than twice and on each eye.

The papers were filed with the court on March 11, and a trial date has not been set as of this writing. The doctor’s medical license remains in good standing with the State of Maryland at this time.

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