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Ferry Engine Fails – Again, a New York Injury Lawyer Reports


New York City official are looking into a recent ferry crash. Sources have told a New York Injury Lawyer that the propulsion system may be the problem and that the assistant captain may have been piloting the ship when this latest accident occurred.

The ferry boat in question has already been under scrutiny, cited in a fatal crash into a dock, due to pilot error in 2003. The recent propulsion system failure is also of note, because a similar incident occurred in 1995, a Department of Transportation source told a New York Civil Litigation Lawyer.

“It’s not a totally unique thing,” the DOT official stated. According to the Department of Transportation, “mechanical error” is the reason the ship crashed. An apparent power failure caused the ferry to be unable to reverse, so it crashed into the dock.

New York Injury Lawyers intend to speak to both the captain and the assistant captain — the latter was piloting the ferry at the time of the incident. The two front engines which control the speed of the ferry shut down prior to the collision, but the rear engines apparently continued to operate, resulting in a loss of control.

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