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Fire Evacuates Cruise Ship


The power of a large cruise ship was knocked out after one of the six generators caught fire a couple weekends ago. Nearly 750 passengers and crew members were forced to evacuate the vessel off the coast of Mexico. The 522 passengers and 226 crew members were evacuated by catamaran and brought to the port of Huatulco on Mexico’s West Coast.

A company executive was quoted as saying it was a “small, small fire.” The fire was quickly controlled and power was restored several hours later. No injuries were reported. However, many passengers upon reboarding were said to have spent the night on deck because of air conditioning malfunctions.

This accident happened just five months after another passenger ship was left dead in the water after a fire stalled it off the Mexican coast. In that mishap, more than 3,000 passengers were left adrift in the vessel.

This most recent incident involves a ship that has a capacity of over 1,000 passengers, but it only had 520 at the time of the accident, according to a New York Injury Lawyer.

Recently sold to a cuise line company, the nearly 40-year-old ship was on its second voyage. The new owners had recently renovated the ship to appeal to Mexican markets.

A full investigation is being led by the Secretariat of Communications and Transport. An onboard fire is a major safety concern although they do not happen with regularity. Almost all reported fires have limited scope. They are confined to specific areas and are quickly put out with no injury or death. There have been incidences however, of serious injury and even wrongful death due to onboard fire. Safety training, functioning fire safety equipment and the use of fire retardant materials are all efficient means of reducing fire on board a ship. Most cruise lines employ every measure possible to ensure a safe trip for their customers.

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