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First Lady’s Plane Aborts Landing – No Injuries


The plane carrying First Lady Michelle Obama and the vice president’s wife, Jill Biden, was forced to abort its landing when air traffic controllers allowed it to come too close to a military cargo plane. An investigation is currently underway to determine why the controllers allowed this to happen.

The two ladies of the Oval Office were returning from making several appearances throughout New York when their plane, given the moniker Executive One Foxtrot, flew to within three miles of a military cargo plane. The usual and necessary separation is five miles which is required because of the turbulence that is generated by large planes like the military C-17. Two miniature, horizontal tornadoes stream off the aircraft and will seriously disrupt planes caught in their wake. Had Executive One Foxtrot been a smaller plane, it would have easily been upset.

Obama’s plane was ordered to do standard S-turns to create an appropriate distance. Even after generating more distance between the two, the plane was still told to abort the landing and circle the airport. This was done merely as a precautionary maneuver to give the C-17 adequate time to clear the runway. The eventual landing was safely executed at Joint Base Andrews.

A NY Injury Lawyer purports that there is currently no need to fear flying, but it is evident that this event has stirred up anxieties and rekindled interest in several recent mishaps concerning these sky watchers. At least five air traffic controllers have been caught asleep on the job in the last two months. This has spurred the federal government to negotiate with the controllers’ union to change the way they are scheduled to work. The widespread fatigue issue must be dealt with and the appropriate authorities are taking steps o improve the situation, including an extra hour of rest and mandating that they can’t work a three-day weekend.

While there were no injuries in this case, one New York Injury Lawyer expects that unless air traffic controllers return to higher standards of operation, there will be at some time in the future. How much injury – or even casualty – is inflicted is incalculable. “Guiding planes full of people in and out of airports is serious business… we will continue to suspend controllers and doing investigations until we put a stop to this,” the Transportation Secretary confirmed.

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