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Former Judge to Sue City for Unlawful Dismissal


A former judge for the city of Dallas, Texas may file a lawsuit against the city claiming she was wrongfully terminated after she turned down the sexual advances made by a fellow judge. The city council had decided not to renew her contract with the city and let her go last June, claims a New York Injury Lawyer. According to those on the council, the complaints filed against the other judge were unfounded. Even though most colleagues did not come to the former judge’s defense, the current mayor of Dallas said that he thinks the judge was let go because she filed a sexual harassment complaint.

According to a Manhattan Personal Injury Lawyer, the former judge claims that when she dismissed the other judge’s sexual advances, he made it very difficult for her to complete job tasks. He gave her more work than she could handle, refused to purchase a new computer for her office and encouraged the city council to release her from service and not renew her contract. The other judge denies all of these allegations.

At least one female co-worker may be called to the witness stand to recall comments made to the former judge that could be considered sexual harassment, alleges a New York Injury Lawyer. Depending on the number of other witnesses, the former judge may or may not have a solid case. Proving sexual harassment at the workplace can be difficult, especially without concrete evidence such as email correspondence, voice mail messages or multiple witnesses.

It is unclear whether the former judge with go through with her threat to sue the city. Depending on her personal circumstances, it may not be worth putting her family through the embarrassment of a court trial. If she files a lawsuit, the former judge says she will ask for back-pay, front-pay and payment for the loss of fringe benefits. It is unknown at this time if she will file a civil suit against the judge that allegedly harassed her.

It is unknown at this time if the former judge has found a new job or if she is still looking for an appropriate position within the Texas legal system.

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