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Former NYPD Officer Convicted Reports New York City Injury Lawyers


A former NYPD police officer was playing the role of a good guy and offering to help two women get their children involved in after-school fun. What he was actually doing was setting the women up for sexual abuse. According to New York Injury Lawyers, the officer was also convicted of unlawful imprisonment and official misconduct.

The former officer used the after-school idea to get the home address of the two women and then he showed up at their homes where he abused the women. His lawyer claimed that the women were unreliable resources. The NYPD officer told the court that he didn’t remember one of the encounters at all and the other was mutual flirtation report New York Personal Injury Lawyers.

The former NYPD officer was convicted in January after he was accused of misconduct for telling a young girl that he would tear up her ticket if he would do him a sexual favor. He showed no emotions when the verdicts were read. He still faces charges of using his position as a police officer to gain sexual favors. He is also set to go to trial for raping a woman who entered the station house to inquire about children’s programs. The former officer pleaded not guilty in that case as well reports New York Personal Injury Lawyers.

Currently charges are pending in another incident where a woman locked herself out of her car. She gave the former officer her number and he offered her information on the children’s after-school program as well. The man contacted the woman a few days later and asked her to meet him. He had her get in his car and then found a secluded area and forced her to kiss him while he abused her.

In addition to each of these allegations, another woman indicated that the former officer too had approached her and he wanted to discuss an after-school program with her as well. According to New York Injury Lawyers indicate that the man remained firm that he didn’t remember the woman at all. The New York Police Department fired him

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