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George Clooney’s Motorcycle Crash Could Have Called for a New York Injury Lawyer


A serious motorcycle accident did not stop George Clooney and girlfriend Sarah Larson from showing up a the premiere of Clooney’s new movie, Michael Clayton.

Larson, who broke her big toein the crash, showed up on the red carpet on crutches and George, who fractured a rib, was no doubt in a lot of pain. Larson, a passenger on the motorcycle, has the ability to sue Clooney as well as the other car in the accident. However unlikely that might be. A good New York Personal Injury Attorney, will let you know your rights if you have been injured, so consult one if your in an accident.

Clooney joked about the fact that he’s not supposed to be riding a motorcycle. He has not heard anything from the films’ producers.

Clooney was quoted as saying that he felt lucky to get out of the accident without serious injury.

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