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Group Pushes for New Warnings on Cigarettes


Smoking kills. Smoking is dangerous. You should not smoke. It is bad for you. Do not sell cigarettes to children. This has been the non-stop mantra of anti-smoking activists for decades now. Everyone knows it, notes a NY Injury Lawyer. There is no secret anymore. The tobacco companies have all paid up, making restitution for past sins, and the world has moved on. People know smoking will kill them but they do so anyways, for whatever reasons they choose.

But this isn’t enough. No, now these nanny state do gooders want to take it another step further. They want to pass a law requiring all packages of smokes to feature grotesque pictures of dead babies, blackened lungs, and dying babies, says a New York Injury Lawyer. Already, packages of smokes carry warning labels that flat say YOU WILL DIE IF YOU USE THIS PRODUCT! But, that isn’t enough. It’s never enough. They must fight until no one is ever allowed to use a product they simply don’t like. They have decided, they have said they know what is best, and they will not stop until everyone agrees with their line of thinking.

The warnings wouldn’t be simple either, of course not, notes a New York Injury Attorney. No, instead they will be so big and grotesque that they will likely take up an entire side of a package, reports a New York Injury Lawyer. Imagine having a product and not even being able to control what it looks like? That is the future they demand.

Smoking can kill but businesses have rights and those rights can be violated in such a way that it requires the attention of a skilled New York Injury Attorney. Contact one today!

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