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Gunfire Cause of Chicago Bus Accident


A multi vehicle car accidentis not said to have been caused by gunfire that had preceded the accident, claim early reports.

A Chicago bus was sent crashing into a utility pole that left 11 people injured. The accident occurred Tuesday morning shortly before 10 am.

No one was shot, says a New York Injury Lawyer. The gunshots were fired on the south side of Chicago, according to local police. Two people have been sent to the hospital and are said to be in serious and critical condition at this time. The injuries are mostly said to have been caused by shattered glass, according to the local authorities.

The incident began when a car careened into a city bus, which then proceeded to run into a pole. Authorities haven’t made claimed anything for certainty, but it is widely believed that the shooting either caused the crash or possibly was aimed at one of the cars involved in the accident.

Chicago detectives are actively searching for and viewing any and all surveillance footage in the area to see if they can pinpoint the exact cause. It may never be known, but police are not going down without a fight.

Some of the available witnesses reported seeing some gunmen leave their vehicles and immediately start firing and their target appeared to be the first vehicle, although none said so with absolute certainty.

A couple of the witnesses said the perps were young and stepped out of the car and immediately began firing what they believed were Uzi’s or AK-47’s, shooting up the whole block without concern. Police and investigators would not, and could not confirm if this was in fact the case.

So far eleven people have been taken to hospitals, including the two in serious condition, say representatives from the Chicago Fire Department. There were three people who refused to be treated at the accident site.

According to an NYC Personal Injury Lawyer, no arrests have been made in this case.

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