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Heads Up! Don’t Fall Victim to Someone’s Negligence.

It is a common occurrence for merchandise to fall off of shelves in retail stores. Poor stocking methods, removing and replacing items, and relocating product displays can all lead to falling merchandise. What is a nuisance for workers who have to replace the fallen merchandise can be a hazard for unwary shoppers who have items fall on them.

A woman shopping in a Costco warehouse store suffered permanent injuriesto her spine and shoulders when two sets of bedding box springs fell onto her. The box springs, which were in a display located next to a wall, fell forward and knocked the woman into a rack of shelving across the aisle. The woman argued that the store was negligent because there was nothing to prevent the box springs from falling forward out of the display. In addition, the store had no written policies or standard procedures for the safe display of merchandise. A jury awarded her over million for her injuries.

If you have been injured by falling merchandise, contact our firm immediately. We are ready to go to work for you.

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