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Helmet Maker and CSA Win Lawsuit Regarding Brain-Damaged Man, NY Injury Lawyers Reports


A family in British Colombia, Canada sued the Canadian Standards Association and a helmet manufacturer, after their young son sustained a severe injury, sources tell a New York Injury Lawyer. They have recently lost their suit.

Their son was 17 in 2004 and playing AAA hockey when he fell into the boards during a game in Esquimalt, B.C. Soon after that, began vomiting and his condition quickly deteriorated. He had suffered a subdural hematoma, which led to brain damage.

His parents sued the helmet maker, claiming they made a helmet that was not adequately safe. They also sued the Canadian Standards Association for not either not having standards strong enough or not warning those who wore their helmets of the associated risks.

A B.C. Supreme Court judge concluded there was nothing to show that stricter standards would have prevented the 17-year-old’s injuries. He also pointed out that the boy knew hockey and knew the risk. “Before his accident, [the injured boy] was aware that people suffer head injuries while playing hockey despite wearing the CSA-approved helmets,” the judge told a New York Injury Lawyer.

“[The young man] himself suffered two concussions prior to the accident, and at least one other teammate had suffered a concussion while wearing a CSA-approved helmet. [He] was clearly aware of the risks associated with playing hockey, even while wearing a helmet, and like hundres of thousands of other Canadians, chose to play anyway.”

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