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Hertfordshire Boy Receives 6.4 Million Euros for Birth Injury


An eight-year old boy from Welwyn Garden City, who suffers from quadriplegia and cerebral palsy, recently received 6.4 Million Euros compensation after suffering a serious birth injury, claims a report.

The now eight-year old was born at Edgware Birth Centre in Burnt Oak. As a source explained, the birth injury occurred when a student nurse did not recognize that his heart rate had fallen during delivery, and did not speed up the delivery. On top of that, delays made the transfer from the Edgware Birth Centre to Barnet General Hospital longer than was expected, which only compounded the situation. Hospitals in Nassau and Suffolk Counties try to guard against this situation.

The eight-year old’s parents made a claim for compensation against Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals Trust. The claimed that the mother should not have been sent to the Edgware Birth Center in the first place, as the centre only accepted first time mothers under the age of thirty five, and she was thirty eight years old at the time of delivery. She should have been sent first to a hospital where they may have been able to better handle her difficult delivery.

According to a report, the 8-year olds birth injuries cause him to not be able to walk, or sit unaided. He can only speak with the help of a speech generation machine. The High Court approved the compensation to his family. The compensation will consist of a one-time lump sum, followed by a yearly allotment that will ensure the boys care for the future.

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