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Hyatt Hotels need a NY Injury Attorney after serving a drunken party goer alcohol before he injures another person

Christine Mancision was at a wedding with her boyfriend at the Hyatt Hotel in New Jersey when she suffered an injury because of another partier. Mancision, who lives in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, NY, said she was dancing when another person grabbed her to dance with her. She said the drunken man spun her and she went flying onto the floor. She was injured when she hit the floor. Mancision was taken to Morristown Memorial Hospital where doctors diagnosed that she had suffered a broken wrist and they would need to put in a metal plate and screws. She had to complete 8 months of physical therapy, racking up thousands is medical co-pays. The drunken man was later identified as James Graeber, the brother of the bride. Mancision has filed a civil lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court stating Hyatt Hotels were negligent and disobeyed the “Dram Shop” law. The “Dram Shop” law prohibits the sale of offering of alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person who subsequently causes death or injury to a third party. She has filed for $1 million dollars in damages.

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