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If Someone You Know Has had an Injury as a reIn a Car Accident, Call A New York Car Accident Lawyer

Osam Naveed, 11, and his 8-year-old sister Iman were biking home from getting breakfast on Hillside Avenue at approximately 1:00 pm. Osam attempted to cross Little Neck Parkway in Floral Park when a red Mercedes Benz, that was reported to have had the right of way, hit him. Iman did not have an injury in this car accident, but watched her brother being thrown off his bicycle in astonishment. Osam was thrown into the air and an ambulance came to the scene and he was rushed to the hospital

The driver of the red Mercedes Benz that had struck Osam remained at the scene of the car accident. An accident report has not been obtained and no one has been able to locate the driver for comments about this horrible accident. Both and Osam’s family should contact a lawyer for legal representation. Specifically, Osam if the accident reports says that it that the driver carried some responsibility for the accident and his injury as a result of it. A New York Injury lawyer could counsel all involved on how to get their medical bills paid as well as getting compensation for any damage to the bicycle and for the personal injury suffered by the child of the Naveed family.

As a result of the car accident, Osam was being treated for critical head injuries at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in Queens, New York. No reports have been given from the family or the hospital as to the child’s specific injury or injuries or his prognosis.

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