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If You Slip and Fall in a New York City Store …hire a New York Personal Injury Lawyer


If you fall and injure yourself at a store, it is important to get as much information as possible to help you prove your case. Try to keep your wits about you. Although it is often hard to remember to do so after being injured:

* Get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of witnesses–both customers and employees. If you cannot do this at the time of the accident, do so as soon as possible afterwards.

Call a New York Personal Injury Lawyer hopefully, they can come down to the seen

* Get a good look at whatever you tripped over or slipped on. Get pictures if possible.

* Pay careful attention to anything the employees might say. If any of them admit to knowing about the hazard, be sure to get his or her name.

* Do not give a statement about what happened and DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING until you have spoken with us.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates, with convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area including Hudson Heights, can provide you advice relative to someone’s negligence and you receive personal injury. Without an attorney, you may not be protecting you and your loved ones or know all your rights. If a New York Criminal Lawyer is needed in your Injury Law Case, the firm will provide one.

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