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In an effort to end sexual abuse cases and exit bankruptcy, Delaware Diocese ups their offer to victims


Delaware is one of six states in which the Diocese has filed for bankruptcy as a result of dozens of sexual abuse cases being brought to light against priests, reports a N York Injury Lawyer. this disturbing trend keeps happening in states all across the country. It seems as if the dirty little secret that has been kept hidden by the church for dozens, if not hundreds of years, is finally coming to light. The fallout is worse than we would have imagined. 

The Delaware Diocese has agreed to pay each of the more than 150 adults who are claiming to have been molested by priests an excess of $350,000 in order to end the cases and put that dirty shadow of a past behind them, explains the New York Injury Lawyer. Over the years, as more people have come forward with charges of sexual abuse perpetrated by priest onto young children, it has become more and more difficult to put our faith and trust in the church that seems to be doing the most harm that it can upon its congregation. 

It is assumed that the majority of the adults who have filed cases against the Church will accept the settlement. Other states in which the Diocese has filed for bankruptcy as a result of sexual molestation charges against children by priests are Oregon, Texas, Iowa, Washington and Arizona. 

When the people who we have been expected to trust harm our children in the worst ways and with utter deception, there really is no way to come out ahead, and this settlement does not feel like a victory for many of the adults who were molested as children. In Nassau and Queens this might be considered premises liability since the church in many cases owns the land or building. The New York Injury Lawyer suggests in his report that the more people who come forth and shed light on just how prevalent these lascivious acts have become, the faster such behavior will absolutely no longer be tolerated.

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