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Injured fan sues Mets star and Bat company, says a New York Injury Lawyer


As the great American pastime, every American should be able to enjoy a game of baseball with no fear of injury or pain. Unfortunately, there are some dangers associated with going to a game, most of which are fairly obviously to fans, such as getting hit by a foul ball. Sometimes though, the injury comes from a most unexpected place. A fan who was injured three years ago at a Mets game is suing both the player and the company that makes the bat, says a New York Injury Lawyer. The man, who was enjoying the game with his father, son and nephew, was struck in the face with the shards of a broken bat. The pieces of the bat broke his nose and eye socket, and has cause him to have metal plates put into his head.

According to the New York Injury Lawyer, the bat that broke was made of maple, which breaks far more frequently and with far more widespread results than bats made of the traditional ash. The lawsuit claims that the player and the company that manufactures the bat knew of the bat’s potential for breaking and chose to ignore the warning signs.

A New York Injury Lawyer reports that the man is seeking an unspecified monetary payment both for his injuries, as well as the mental pain caused to his son, who should not have had such a horrific experience at a ball game. No word has been released as to whether the son has received any medical or psychological treatment.

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