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Injury Attorneys Recommend Umbrella Insurance Policies as a Good Idea for New York Clients


As insurance prices continue to rise, many people are looking for more and better insurance coverage for less money, and “umbrella policies” are often a good option for increasing coverage.

Umbrella policies get their name from the coverage they offer: Like an umbrella, they provide expansive coverage for you and your assets. Umbrella policies act as a kind of backup for your primary insurance and can provide a cost-effective way of increasing your insurance coverage.

Most of us carry several kinds of liability insurance policies: car insurance, homeowner’s insurance, renter’s insurance, etc. All of these different policies do essentially the same thing. They cover you for the different careless acts you might commit. However, the coverage available under these different policies varies, and their cost is often very expensive compared with the coverage they provide.

Umbrella policies usually come into effect when there are accidents that involve serious injuryto a someone involving permanent disability.

Umbrella policies begin where other insurance ends. They provide additional coverage–coverage that is only available after the underlying liability policy has been exhausted. Umbrella policies are often surprisingly inexpensive, given that they can provide additional coverage in amounts up to $1 million or more.

The reason umbrella policies are relatively inexpensive is because they are only asked to cover the largest of claims. Because of this, the number of claims brought against umbrella policies is lower than the number of claims brought against “regular” policies.

As with any kind of insurance, the coverage offered by umbrella policies and the rates charged for them can vary greatly. Consider the possibility of buying an umbrella policy. You may find that it is right for you.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates, with convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area, including Kew Gardens, Queens, can provide you advice relative to vehicle accidents and personal injury if you do not have adequate insurance. Without an attorney, you may not be protecting you and your loved ones or know all your rights.

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