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Iodine Sales Soar as Radiation Fears Mount in the U.S.


As the radiation crisis in Japan continues, the first traces of radiation were detected on the U.S. west coast, which has many people scrambling to purchase the vitamin supplement called Potassium Iodide, sources told a New York Injury Lawyer. Potassium Iodide is often given to people who have been, or will be, exposed to radiation due to it saturating the thyroid gland with iodine. This thyroid saturation repels any radioactive iodine the person may inhale or ingest.

Whether there is any cause for alarm, as is often the case, depends on whom you are speaking with at any given moment. The official government statements reflect that there is no cause for concern, which is also being repeated by many in the scientific community as well. However, a NY Personal Injury Lawyer is also learning that there are also many in scientific circles who are as concerned as many of the population that is currently seeking to purchase the vitamin.

Regardless of whom you believe, stores that carry vitamin supplements have been inundated with requests for Potassium Iodide, and there have been many reports to New York Injury Lawyers of customers paying for the vitamin in advance. The scarcity of the vitamin supplement has not been confined to stores in the local communities. The companies that either manufacture the KI, its chemical symbol, and/or sell it on their websites are completely sold out; sources inform New York Injury Lawyers. At least one of them has reportedly stopped taking orders altogether.

While at first it may appear that only individuals are seeking Potassium Iodide, there are companies that are also seeking to purchase it. Although there are a few that are fairly regular customers, such as states and companies that have people who live within a 10-mile radius of a nuclear facility, there are also some companies who have employees in Japan that they are seeking to supply with the vitamin.

It should be noted that those manufacturers whose inventories of Potassium Iodide have been depleted, have ramped up production and are expecting to increase its availability within the coming weeks.

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