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Iowa State Varsity Player in Car Crash


Iowa State University is proud of their football team, the Cyclones. ISU has interesting students, interesting courses and is in the top ten across the country for its landscape architecture programs. A New York Car Accident Lawyer notes that ISU is also more isolated than other campuses. In the wee hours of January 3, one of the University’s most valuable players was involved in a single person car crash.

Reports by a New York Injury Attorney said that Jordan Railey fell asleep at the wheel. As his car traveled into the center lane he struck a median and then his car apparently rolled into a nearby corn field before coming to rest. Railey was released from the hospital a few hours later. Officials say that Railey was extremely lucky to have escaped extreme injury. The team and the student body are elated.

A NY Car Accident Lawyer said days later that the investigation of the crash on January 3 is ongoing and that the results will be released. Jordan Railey s one of the schools most well loved athletes and is no doubt very happy to be alive. However, he was apparently suspended from one game last weekend and it was not yet known whether or not he was suspended because of the accident he was in last week.

A New York City Injury Attorney has some tips on how to avoid accidents while driving. Always be alert and attentive. Do not drink and drive. Do not drive alone. Pull over if you are falling asleep. Do not text and drive. Following these guidelines will keep you safer.

Accidents happen more because of texting than talking on the phone. If you have been involved in an accident that resulted from texting, call a new Your NY Car Accident Attorney now. Injuries can be complicated and take time to heal. For an injury settlement, call a New York Injury Lawyer. They will be on your side.

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