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Issue too complicated to sue


The National Commission of deepwater Horizon reported to a commission that BP was to be blamed for its mismanagement that resulted in the oil spill and blow out. Some industry leaders think that this will be very hard to prove and BP might get away without having to pay any liabilities. In fact, the day after the report came out, BP stocks went up instead of going down as some would normally think could happen.

Other officials told the source that there were also some regulatory issues in the government that also caused this problem to take place. There were many mistakes made causing personal injury, risks factors that were not taken into account beforehand as well as oversights that occurred.

“BP’s drilling process was not in line with the appropriate regulations and the company did not wait for the results to a very important test before putting cement in the well,” said one government official to a colleague.

The government is also chastised for being bamboozled by the industry that it failed to pay attention to the discrepancies that took place. No one knows better than the people who suffered the effects of the injuries of this catastrophic disaster.

National disasters affect so many people and it is not something that anyone wants to go through. Of course, BP wants to blame the government and the government wants to blame BP. No one wants to take responsibility for what happened and fixing the problem is going to be a huge issue. It will cost the taxpayers in Brooklyn and Long Island so much money in the end.

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