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It’s Important to have a NewYork Injury Lawyer



Many insurance claims are settled between the person making the claim and the insurance company without the involvement of a lawyer. But, every once in a while, we are reminded that a fair settlement cannot always happen unless you have a New York Personal Injury Lawyer to represent you to the insurance company and, if necessary, to the judge and jury.

Allstate Insurance Company was sued because of a claims practice it uses where it does everything it can to discourage people from hiring an attorney. In this case, the victim of a collision caused by an Allstate-insured driver was told by the Allstate adjustor that she did not need an attorney. The adjustor also advised the victim to sign a release of her legal claims.

The court ruled that the adjustor had violated the duty she owed to the injured claimant. Because the adjustor acted like the victim’s lawyer, she should be held to the same standard as a lawyer.

This case teaches a valuable lesson. It is very important to remember that insurance companies often do not have your best interests in mind. They frequently try to settle claims for as little money out of their pockets as possible. If you feel that an insurance company is treating you unfairly or you suspect that you are getting the “runaround,” get legal help.

Sometimes a New York Injury lawyer is just the thing you need.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates, with convenient locations throughout the New York Metropolitan area, can provide you advice related to personal injury in vehicle accidents. Without an attorney, you may not be protecting you and your loved ones… know all your rights.

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