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Jennifer Lopez’s former dog attacks the new owner’s babysitter in New York City, leaver the sitter with injury. It seems the babysitter will need a New York Injury Lawyer.

A highly trained guard dog named Floyd Von Meierhof has allegedly attacked 40 year old Manhattan resident Lisa Cimino. The dog once belonged to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and was accused of attacking a personal assistant, flight attendant and a housekeeper. The pair got rid of the dog three years ago because of a civil lawsuit filed against them by one of their staff members who claimed to be attacked. After being trained in a K9 facility, Floyd made his way into the home of star NiCole Robinson and her husband Craig Snyder, who is a political consultant. Robinson is best known as the secretary “Margaret Hooper” from the television sitcom “West Wing”. Cimino has filed a lawsuit against them in Manhattan Supreme Court. Cimino alleges to have been bitten on both arms, forcing her to get a tetanus shot. She is now on antibiotics. The lawsuit also claims she has been traumatized from the attack. Reports do not indicate the amount of damages she is looking to receive.

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