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Judge Uses Skill With Mules in Court


A U.S. District Court judge is using his farm expertise to help him in the courtroom, according to a New York Injury Lawyer. The judge, based out of Little Rock, Arkansas, is currently making his way through some of the 8,000 lawsuits worth millions of dollars in damages regarding menopause drugs made by Pfizer.

Mules are well-known for being stubborn, of course, but they also have a strong “sense of self preservation,” the judge told a New York Injury Lawyer. ” They are like lawyers in that regard.”

The judge will not consolidate all his cases into a class action lawsuit and will preside over a stand-alone trial for damages allegedly caused by the drug in question. He is also prone to avoid settling a case. He gives both his lawyers and his mules the chance to take things in their own directions. The 70-year-old judge is known for using humor in the court and in his rulings, sources told a New York Injury Lawyer.

Once, he warned lawyers scheduling pretrial witness sessions not to “load one firm’s wagon with more poles than a mule can pull.” He has also been known to say the chance of him making a certain ruling had “as much chance as a gnat has flying out of tar paper.” “He’s got a million of those sayings,” a Little Rock attorney told a New York Injury Lawyer. “While he has a homespun manner, he backs that up with a sharp legal mind and well-reasoned decisions.”

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