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Justin Bieber fans hurt at Concert A NYC Injury Lawyer Reports


At a recent open air concert by popular teenaged singer Justin Bieber, a number of fans were injured when the crowd got out of hand. About 5000 fans had arrived to watch the show, most of them younger girls, and when a rumor started that Bieber had arrived early, many of the fans surged forward, and at least eight girls had to be sent to the hospital.

According to a New York Injury Lawyer, of the girls who were pulled out of the crowd by authorities, most had simply fainted, although a few hyperventilated. It appears that the worst injury sustained during the panic was a fractured kneecap.

No word has come out as of yet regarding whether or not any of the teens or their families would be filing lawsuits for the injuries. Authorities said that the venue was appropriately prepared, but that the fans had gotten out of hand. A New York Injury Lawyer said that the concert was reported to be the largest ever at the venue, and was to be filmed by a local television station. It was to be broadcast live.

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