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Lean Cuisine Recalled Due to Emergency Button?


It was reported in the news recently that the makers of Lean Cuisine issued a voluntary recall of its Spaghetti and Meatball product due to some pieces of red plastic having been found inside the packages, claims a New York Injury Lawyer. What is puzzling the folks at Nestlé, the parent company of Lean Cuisine, is that the pieces of red plastic seem to have come from an emergency stop button.

Sources tell reporters that the emergency stop button is located at various locations along a manufacturing line so that any worker who spots a problem along the line can stop it so that no further problems can occur until that particular problem is corrected. The process has been proven to work at manufacturing facilities throughout the world. What is puzzling about this case is that Nestle says that the way the plant was designed that no emergency stop button is located near those areas that food would be moving past.

As part of NestlĂ©’s ongoing investigation into how the plastic could have gotten into the product, they have gone so far as to contact their suppliers to see if any of the ingredient shipments could have contained the plastic, the New York City Injury Attorney was informed. Thanks to the implementation of modern technological manufacturing processes, the company has the ability to pinpoint the processed packages down to the minute they are produced. This allowed the company to know precisely which packages to issue the recall.

While the packages that have been affected have thus far been located by consumers in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, the following recall information should be repeated as a precaution in case any of this product has made it to any other location.

The company says to look for the bar code first which is PC 13800-10390, and then to look for production code that is located in the proof of purchase panel, which is 0298595519 P. Each of the recalled packages will have the same production code, and the company says that it must include the P at the end of the production code. That signifies the hour the product was made whether it is made in Nassau or Suffolk County.

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