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LONDON TABLOLD LOSSES TO ARQUTETTE… If you suffer an injury to your reputaion as a result of someones lies, call a New York Injury Lawyer to get Justice


A british tabloid has been ordered to pay Rosanna Arquette. She won the award after proving that the paper had falsely reported that she was having drug problems. The 48-year-old star filed a lawsuit after the News Of The World newspaper printed the reports in November last year. Arquette said damages for this injury could go into the millions as Hollywood directors and studios may shy away a from a troubled actress. I felt it was something I had to take action about and I feel so much better now that the true position has been made clear.”

If you are the victim of an injury as a result of someone defaming you and there is injury to your reputation, call a NewYork Injury Attorney if you or a family member has been libeled or defamed. You may be able to right the wrong and receive damages for your troubles.So check with a lawyer

The paper, which retracted the story, says, “We are happy to clarify the situation and apologize to Ms. Arquette.”

Arquette is donating the proceeds to a hospital in LA. Desperately Seeking Susan is her best known movie.

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