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Man claims Brooklyn hospital responsible for driving him to murder,


A man accused of murdering a Yale doctor in cold blood at point blank range still blames a Brooklyn hospital for his actions. The accused, a former physician at the hospital, claims that he had gone to superiors at the hospital months before he broke down and shot the man, trying to resolve disputes before they got out of control. 

A NY City Injury Lawyer reports that the accused killer claims that he was harassed by the Yale doctor, stating that the man threatened to stab him in the eye with a ball point pen at one point. The hospital eventually fired the man accused of the murder of the Yale doctor, which the man claims destroyed his career, wrecked his son’s education and sent the man spiraling down into depression and mental instability. 

Now, the man is charged with the brutal killing, which occurred in front of the victims wife and three year old son. Even so, he is prepared to take his fight with the hospital to court, provided that he is found competent enough to stand trial. There was no comment from officials at the Brooklyn hospital where the two physicians worked. 

Interestingly enough, reports the New York Injury Lawyer, the man accused of murdering the Yale doctor is attempting to file a civil suit against the hospital, however the civil lawyer that was assigned to the case no longer wishes to represent the accused in the case. The man accused of the killing said that he plans to represent himself in the case, but a judge has decided that until such time as the accused is found competent to do such a thing, the criminal case against him will take precedence over any civil case that may arise. 

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