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Man Treated After House Fire


A man from Marion who was working on a motorcycle in his garage was taken to the hospital for treatment, says a friend. The man was working on the motorcycle when there was an explosion in his garage. He is currently in the hospital and it is unknown when he will be released.

Firefighters were sent to his home somewhere between 9 pm and 10 pm that evening after someone called the police to report the explosion, stated the report.

The explosion did cause damage to the garage, which happens to luckily not be connected to the house that is on the property, reports the friend. The explosion also caused damage to the siding on one of the neighbor’s houses, although at this time it is not known exactly how much damage was caused or exactly how far the explosion reached. Fire investigators say that the explosion could possibly have reached houses and properties several houses down from the incident.

Investigators are currently looking into just what could have caused this explosion and are asking that anyone who may have been a witness or just thinks they might have some information to come forward right away, even if they think their info is meaningless.

Sometimes the seemingly insignificant piece of information can turn into a big break in a case and that is what police are hoping will happen in this case.

So far no foul play has been suspected, although investigators are asking around to see if the victim may have had any enemies who may have wanted to harm him in any way. So far, it has just been called an accident although that can change if any new info comes in.

Firefighters said the man was extremely lucky that his garage is not attached directly to his house; otherwise the injuries could have been much more catastrophic than they were. It is unknown at this time if anyone was in the house at the time of the explosion

Investigations are currently pending in this case. New York City and Westchester County would handle this the same way.

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