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Massachusetts State Trooper Injured in Drunk Driving Accident


A drunk driver hit a parked police car sitting on the side of the road on Interstate 93 outside of Boston, Massachusetts. The state trooper had stopped another motorist and may have been issuing a ticket or giving a warning at the time of the accident. A NY Injury Lawyer claims the trooper was injured when the drunk driver forced the police car forward. The trooper was taken to a nearby hospital with leg injuries. While these injuries were not life threatening, it is unclear at this time when the officer will be able to return to work.

The driver is being charged with multiple offences including driving under the influence, failure to move lanes for an emergency vehicle and operating to endanger. While it is unknown if the driver will receive prison time, heavy fines or a combination of both, the driver has been taken into custody.

This is one of at least 12 vehicular accidents involving police personnel to take place on Massachusetts highways in the past 15 months. Police officials are investigating the increase in these accidents to determine the best ways to prevent future incidents. Other accidents involved motorists driving while intoxicated, motorists crossing lanes illegally or motorists not watching while operating their vehicle. Some drivers have been found guilty of speeding or driving irresponsibly.

Police officials may have to increase patrols to stop those driving while impaired before they cause an accident. Or they may have to increase safety checkpoints to ensure drivers are driving safely. Gathering as much information as possible is necessary to determine the best course of action. It is unknown if the police officer’s patrol car was equipped with cameras to record accidents like this one. A Manhattan Injury Attorney has stated that recordings of accidents may also help police officials reduce the number of accidents involving police officers and state troopers when they are on the highways trying to keep people safe.

It is unknown when the state trooper will be released from the hospital. He may have to receive out-patient care which could include physical therapy. He may also have to remain at a desk until his injuries have fully healed.

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