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Mentally Ill Man Drowns, says NY Injury Lawyer


He was found alone. A New York Injury Lawyer reports that a seventy six year old man drowned to death. He had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and it is believed that he wandered off on his own in the middle of the night. No foul play is believed to have taken place. It is believe that the man simply walked the streets by himself, probably unaware of his actions and certainly with no idea of the fate that awaited him, noted a New York Injury Lawyer. A tired old dirty and often forgotten canal was his final resting place.

A passerby called 911 to report the death, said a New York Injury Lawyer. A chance meeting between two strangers who never met one another in life yet will forever be linked together in death. A final act of mercy from an anonymous person. He lay alone in the canal, lungs filled with water, but at least one kind stranger was willing to notice. One last person said you matter, we care, I will notify the authorities.

An incurable, degenerative disease, Alzheimer’s disease affects one in eighty five people across the globe. Those who are afflicted with the disease should be given proper care and attention. Managements of a patient with Alzheimer’s disease is critical, notes a New York Injury Lawyer. Medical treatment for Alzheimer’s disease is improving but there is no known cure. There is no known prevention. There is only the tender care and comfort that a loved one or trained professional can give.

If a loved one has died as the result of an accident, you should contact a New York Injury Attorney. There is no one that can replace your family member, but recompense can be made. Call a New York Injury Attorney today and get started on the road to resolution.

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